Two attractive advantages for skin

Cheer’s seed and yogurt face mask
This yoghurt and cheese seed mask keeps your skin soft and feathery. Keep the yogurt clean and moisturize the skin because there is no inner layer. The cheer’s seed is the same, but the benefits of yoghurt have been added This treatment is everything you need to fight dry skin.

Cheer’s seed and yogurt face mask


Spoon of Cheer’s seeds
Spoon of fresh yogurt
Several drops of fresh lemon juice

Add a tablespoon of shea seeds to a fine powder in a mixer, then add a few drops of fresh yogurt and a lemon juice
Mix well until all components are smooth paste
Massage slowly in the clockwise direction for at least 5-10 minutes, mask the entire face and neck surface
Leave to dry for 20-25 minutes or completely dry
Wash with a slimy face water and dry
Repeat with Dabur Gravari moisturizer to get special softness and natural glow
Repeat this procedure at least once a week for soft, supple and radiant skin
Chia seed scrub
Chia Seeds skin care using this extraordinary exfoliation scrub can go a step further. This exfoliation serves to remove dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new cells that radiate to the skin. By adding coconut oil, this simple and effective home remedy will help to provide the nutrition you need to keep your skin healthy.

Chia seed scrub


Spoon of coconut oil
Spoon of Cheer’s seeds
1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice

In the bowl, take the tablespoon of coconut oil and mix the rough seeds’ tablespoon with a mixer.
Also add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to make a thick scrub
Please wash your face before applying this mask
Hold the mask and paste it on your face. Peel off for 10-15 minutes with circular movement
Then leave it on your face for 20 to 25 minutes
Wash with warm water and dry swab
Repeat this process at least once a week to obtain the desired results
Do you need detailed information on how shear seeds can be used for skin benefits? Please read our blog.

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